Varietal Wine

Varietal Wine
Our varietal wines are made from our own fruit or fruit we purchase from other select growers that meet our strict criteria for quality.

Some of the wines are very typical to the international standard (our Sauvignon Blanc for example) and some are atypical (ie. Skin Fermented Chardonnay).
Barrel Fermented Rose - Sold Out

Sommeliers Note:
Our rose is a full wine with hints of candied lemon amongst fresh cherry notes and a bit of fresh green leaves and red flowers, a strong acidic backbone keeps this refreshing amongst deeper richer red fruit and an earthiness.


Winemakers Note:

I first began making barrel fermented roses in 2005. They are different from most roses in that they are more reductive, weighty and age worthy. I recently raided my cellar at home and enjoyed one of those original wines and it drank like and aged Pinot Noir.  Tasty.

This wine is 80% Prince Edward County Cabernet Franc and 20% Niagara-on-the-Lake Gamay Noir.  

Production Note:

Rose de Saignee: Juice is separated from the skins using gravity alone.  We bleed off approximately one third of the free run juice and allow the balance to remain on the skins to concentrate the red wine.

13.5% alcohol. 

As always, unfiltered. 

Cabernet Franc - 2017
Sommelier Notes:
This bright beautiful deep ruby wine comes through with raw cacao, rich ripe mulberries and fresh fig.  This wine drinks medium but has such great depth of flavour finishing with notes of cold earth and fresh tobacco leaf.

Winemaking Notes:

Made from fruit sourced from a local grower in Prince Edward County. Cold macerated for 48 hours. After which 20% of the juice was bled off to concentrate the flavour. Fermented on the skins for 24 days and pressed into stainless steel vats and oak barrels where the wine stayed on the heavy lees for four months. Racked twice and bottled.

Gamay Noir 2017

Sommelier Notes:
Throughout the nose and palate of our gamay noir you find crushed sweet cherries and mulling spice mix with a touch of fresh peppercorn spice.  A medium red wine with smooth tannins allows al flavours to combine and balance perfectly together.

Winemaking Notes:
Made from fruit sourced in Niagara-on-the-Lake.  Fermented, pressed, aged and bottled at our winery in Prince Edward County.

Cold macerated for 48 hours. After which 25% of the juice was bled off to concentrate the flavour. Fermented on the skins for 21 days and pressed into stainless steel vats where the wine stayed on the heavy lees for six months. Racked three times before bottling without filtration.  

12.8% alcohol

Pinot Gris 2016

89 Pts. “White melon on the nose of the viscous, richly textured white wine made from Pinot Gris grapes.  Medium-bodied.  Perfect for rich seafood dishes”

Natalie MacLean- - April 11, 2018


#1 of “10 Top Pinot Gris Wines to Sip Right Now”

Leslie Wu- - December 7, 2018


Sommeliers Note:

Our Pinot Gris strikes a balance between richer flavours like cooked pear and spicy fresh ginger, and light floral notes that all come together on the nose and palate.  A limestone zesty acidity and mineralogy keeps this wine refreshing on the finish.

Winemakers Note:
Made from fruit sourced in Niagara-on-the-Lake and pressed immediately after harvest. Fermented, aged and bottled at our winery in Prince Edward County. Fermented in stainless and left on the lees for twelve months with occasional stirring. Racked twice and hand bottled without filtration.

13.1% alcohol

Pinot Noir 2016
Sommeliers Note:
Great musty wet earth and mushroom notes along with sweet ripe red cherries come out on the nose of our pinot noir.  Slightly tart fruit along with a strong black tea and a bit of zesty citrus and soft smooth tannins characterize the palate of this wine.

Winemakers Note:
Made from fruit sourced from a local vineyard in Prince Edward County. Hand harvested and delivered to our winery where we whole cluster fermented the grapes. Left on the skins for 25 days and pressed into tank to settle quickly. 50% of this wine has been in used barrels for 18 months and 50% in stainless steel.

11.4% alcohol
2,200 bottles produced
Skin Fermented Chardonnay 2016

91 Pts.  “For me, a very successful exercise of fermentation of Chardonnay on the skins.  The nose is clear, with accents of orange and lemon oil, a small toasted element, and a beautiful equilibrium.  Tasty, has a beautiful texture and persists in a pleasant way in the mouth.”

Rémy Charest- - June, 2018 

Silver- National Wine Awards of Canada, 2018

Sommeliers Note:
This wine impresses with a rich golden hue and continues to impress on the nose with light honey and green tea leaf notes.  Dried, sugared stone fruit define the taste with a touch of warm spice to compliment everything.

Winemakers Note:

This vintage was made from fruit we sourced from another local vineyard in Prince Edward County as we had a disappointing crop in our estate vineyard. However, we have been very happy with the results. This chardonnay was whole cluster, skin fermented and macerated for 16 days.

It was then pressed and left on its heavy lees for 15 months. A portion (roughly 40%) spent time in used barrels to help soften the natural tannin of the fruit and it was allowed to clarify naturally.

We have focused much of our production on making approachable orange wines and this one is very delicious. As always we bottled this wine unfiltered and by hand.

12.4% alcohol


Ten Rows Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Winemakers Note:

A rarity for Prince Edward County, a 100% estate vineyard grown Sauvignon Blanc. We whole cluster fermented the wine and macerated on the skins for ten days. Pressed and racked into a used barrel where fermentation was completed. 

Hand bottled directly off of the lees to retain freshness.

White pepper, ground cherry, lemon grass, and guava. Zesty and bright.  A lighter, more vibrant orange wine.

12.9% alcohol

280 bottles produced.

The Cull Chardonnay 2017

“Golden in colour and ever-so-slightly hazy from contact with the lees, the wine tastes – what’s the word? – wholesome in the manner of the best natural wines. Medium-bodied and delectably fleshy and ripe, it offers up pronounced tropical-fruit flavours of mango and grilled pineapple along with popcorn, brown butter, brioche and toasted nuts. A new Canadian icon wine.”

-  March 7, 2019


Sommeliers Note:
An intensely deep gold wine; honey, apricots and that wonderful musty smell associated with botrytis affected grapes.  Full flavour, with a great blend of sour lemony citrus as well as ripe richer tropical pineapple

Winemakers Note:
Grown in our estate vineyard in Prince Edward County, this chardonnay is a result of a botrytis (Noble Rot) infection in the vineyard. In order to manage our fermentation’s effectively, we went through the vineyard and culled out any botrytis infected fruit.

The fruit was then brought into the winery and whole cluster pressed, quickly settled, and then racked into a used barrel. It was then fermented and left on the lees for twelve months and bottled directly from the barrel. Unfiltered and hand bottled as is our practice.

13.6% alcohol
250 bottles produced