Varietal Wine

Varietal Wine
Our varietal wines are made from our own fruit or fruit we purchase from other select growers that meet our strict criteria for quality.

Some of the wines are very typical to the international standard (our Sauvignon Blanc for example) and some are atypical (ie. Skin Fermented Chardonnay).
Barrel Fermented Rose

I first began making barrel fermented roses in 2005. They are different from most roses in that they are more reductive, weighty and age worthy. I recently raided my cellar at home and enjoyed one of those original wines and it drank like and aged Pinot Noir.  Tasty. 

This wine isn’t 80% County Cabernet Franc and 20% Niagara Gamay Noir. 

13.5% alcohol. 

As always, unfiltered. 

Gamay Noir 2017

A light bodied red wine made from Gamay Noir grapes. Aromas of tart cherry.  Lots of juicy acidity for tangy dishes with citrus or tomato elements. 

Mulled Wine Kit

Looking for the perfect Holiday Drink? Maybe you need a hostess gift? Or simply want to cozy up next to the fire, either way the mulled wine kit is a winner! You receive a bottle of our zesty Baco Noir paired with our in house mulled wine spice blend (fireplace not included). Happy Sipping! 

Pinot Gris 2016
Our Pinot Gris has a beautiful nose and flavour. Some customers have mentioned that with every sip, they can pick up a different fruit. It is complimentary with many foods and also good company.
Pinot Noir 2016

Our first Pinot Noir release. This is 100% county from fruit we purchased from Hillier Creek. Hand harvested and from the hot 2016 vintage. We do not destem our fruit to add some extra texture and tannin. 50% of this wine has been in used barrels for 18 months and 50% in stainless steel.

Black cherry, plum, and cedar dominate. Clean, but tart acidity and ample tannin.

11.4% alcohol. About 1,500 bottles produced.

Sauvignon Blanc 2016
After spending years making wine in Ontario, I had serious doubts about whether Sauvignon Blanc was a variety that I could excel at as a winemaker. In the winter of 2009 that all changed when I went to New Zealand to learn what they did to their Sauvignon Blanc wines to make them exceptional.

What I learned was that less is more. Don't push the fruit to ripen to extremes, don't over handle, keep air away from it, emphasize the acidity, stir the lees and above all embrace the funky. During fermentation, Sauvignon Blanc smells bright and earthy. Allow it to go through its life process, let it be and it will come back to you.

This Sauvignon Blanc is a fruit bomb with the distinct herbal accompaniment. Crisp acidity, with a hint of sweetness (alcohol, not sugar, it's dry)and a soft finish. Sometimes I just want a delicious glass of wine, and well, this one hits the spot.
Skin Fermented Chardonnay 2016


Rich & gold. Notes of Quince, Mango, Honey, and Vanilla.  Soft tannins, balanced acidity and a lingering finish. 

Fermented on the skins for 16 days.

1/3 whole cluster fermented. 

16 months in oak.


Alcohol- 12.4%


Ten Rows Sauvignon Blanc 2017
A rarity for PEC, a 100% estate grown Sauvignon Blanc. We whole cluster fermented the wine on the skins for ten days. We pressed and racked into barrel where fermentation was completed. It is still on its heavy lees.

White pepper, lemon grass, and guava. Zesty and bright. Approximately 13.5% alcohol. Only 250 bottles produced. Release late spring, early summer.
The Cull Chardonnay 2017
We had a little botrytis in our Chardonnay this year, so instead of having that fruit impact our skin fermented 5th Element, we did a cull pick and kept the botrytis infected clusters separate. We whole cluster pressed the fruit and settled in a tank for 24 hours before racking into a barrel to ferment. It is still on fermentation lees and will be in barrel until probably April, when it will be racked, settled and bottled.

Honey, apricot, vanilla and clove aromas. Incredible acidity and balance. Approximately 13.5% alcohol. This is a delicious chardonnay.

Approximately 250 bottles produced from this very unique harvest. Release will be late spring, early summer.