Estate Wines

Estate Wines
Our estate grown wines are our passion. From hand cultivating the grapes and making the wines, we put our passion to the test with these. Our vineyard tends to be exceptionally low yielding. Most years max out at under one tonne per acre (or 1.8 hL/Ha if your metric). The results are extreme concentration in flavours.

Our land is unique for Hillier. While about half of our vineyard is planted in the much prized Hillier Clay (a shallow, gravelly soil) where many of the regions great wines are grown, the other half is a very unique block of Darlington Loam (a glacial till that was left from ancient glacial river beds).

Our focus in the vineyard is on sustainability. Our vines are dry farmed (further concentrating flavours) and we maintain a mixed grass cover in all of our fields to protect our soil from wind and erosion. We have begun the construction of a soil water management system following the principals of Permaculture and we limit our chemical inputs as much as possible. In fact, one of our experiments we trailed in 2017 was utilizing nitrogen fixing beans in the vineyard instead of chemical fertilizers.

When we purchased the property in 2008, the soil was essentially dead. The land had been cash cropped (corn, beans, wheat, etc.) for decades and there was very little (if any) organic matter or life left in the land. We immediately began planting grasses, reducing tillage and have never once applied herbicides to the land. As a result, our land is alive again. The roots run as deep as they can (our soil is mostly gravel after all) and we have life again. We even have mushrooms growing around our headlands again!
5th Element 2016
A field blend of Estate Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, whole cluster fermented and macerated on the skins for a little over two weeks. Huge mouthfeel, rich, creamy, dominated by butterscotch, honey and cooked apple. Some volatility that lifts the palate and aromas and a bit of tannin on the finish.

To date it has been in used oak barrels for 15 months and is still on its fermentation lees. It will come out of oak soon and will be settled in tank before being bottled. Anticipated release late spring/early summer.

We only made around 360 bottles of this very special wine, so pre-order soon because when it is released it will not last long.

We have not done final lab testing on this wine, but it is close to 14% alcohol. Its a bomb.
Ten Rows Sauvignon Blanc 2017
A rarity for PEC, a 100% estate grown Sauvignon Blanc. We whole cluster fermented the wine on the skins for ten days. We pressed and racked into barrel where fermentation was completed. It is still on its heavy lees.

White pepper, lemon grass, and guava. Zesty and bright. Approximately 13.5% alcohol. Only 250 bottles produced. Release late spring, early summer.
The Cull Chardonnay 2017
We had a little botrytis in our Chardonnay this year, so instead of having that fruit impact our skin fermented 5th Element, we did a cull pick and kept the botrytis infected clusters separate. We whole cluster pressed the fruit and settled in a tank for 24 hours before racking into a barrel to ferment. It is still on fermentation lees and will be in barrel until probably April, when it will be racked, settled and bottled.

Honey, apricot, vanilla and clove aromas. Incredible acidity and balance. Approximately 13.5% alcohol. This is a delicious chardonnay.

Approximately 250 bottles produced from this very unique harvest. Release will be late spring, early summer.
Madonna Vermouth

This wine was a lot of work and a lot of fun to make.

First the story behind the inspiration. When I was a kid, living at home, my mother always had gardens. She loved her gardens; she would come home every night after work and tend her gardens. They were beautiful. She always had books about flowers, herbs, vegetables, whatever it was that she was growing. It wasn't just coffee table fodder; she loved it. In my early teen years, she planted a herb garden at our house, and I started to become interested in them.

When I started building my own homes, I would plant herb gardens. At first, I started making herbal teas with them (tarragon, peppermint and honey is the favourite from my gardens). Then I started to experiment with tisanes. I found it fascinating how the various herbs impacted the flavours of the wines.

I am always researching and learning about new things and one day I was reading about Vermouth. Vermouth is traditionally a fortified wine infused with herbs, spices, flowers(and in the past wormwood). When I started reading about the ingredients used in the old world to flavour vermouth, a light bulb went off. We have either a local grower or native version of many of the traditional herbs, spices, and flowers that are used.

When I learned this, our path was set. I started to enlist local growers (shout out to PEC Lavender for the lavender and hyssop contributions), and began to forage from our farm. We had pails and pails of lilac, juniper, chamomile, hyssop, sumac, lavender and many other seasonings steeping in the wines. We collected everything fresh and infused the wine with them.

If you're looking for amazing cocktails, use this in your wine. It's floral; it's brilliant and delicious. We use it for an aperitif and serve cheese plates with it. Spritzers are amazing or try some in a chai tea or Moscow mule. Seriously.

But to finish my story, in honour of my mother Donna who inspired my love of plants, herbs, and food I have named this offering Madonna.

Orange 2017

A whole cluster fermented Frontenac Gris grown in our vineyard.  

Cooked field berry aromas, zesty acidity with a blood orange finish.  Pairs well with curries and other big flavours.  

Alta Red 2016- SOLD OUT

A hearty, deeply couloured red.  Campfire, leather and plum make this a wine to warm your bones by.  Enjoy with meety dishes or on a cold night with someone special.

Blend of estate grown Marquette and Frontenac Gris.

13.6% alc./vol